Julia Drier one of the participants of the Morocco mixed group reporting trip

What’s happening in 2014!

This year we have launched Beyond Your World EU and is almost drawing to a close. But don’t worry, we have a lot more reporting trips, events and workshops coming up in 2014! Here is an overview of our plans so far.


Mixed reporting trips to Brazil

As part of the international journalism training program Beyond Your World, a new project will be launched in 2014 under the name “Beyond Brazil – Brasil Além”. This project is a cooperation between Lokaalmondiaal and the Brazilian media organisation Canal Futura. Throughout the important year of 2014, a total number of 21 young European journalists (from the six BYW project countries) will travel across the Atlantic Ocean to Brazil. While travelling in three groups, the journalists will – while intensively collaborating with young Brazilian journalists – cover events in Brazil before, during and after the World Cup. The group, existing of 7 different nationalities, will follow a one-year online training program and will produce a total amount of 84 media productions (primarily audiovisual media). During the project, all participants will be supervised by Lokaalmondiaal and Canal Futura. Interested to be part of this multi-media, international project in Brazil? Click here for more information. You can apply for a spot from the first of December. The registration deadline for this project is January 10, 2014, at 17:00. Keep an eye on your calendar!


BYW Netherlands

Twelve students from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) travel to Malaysia and ten art students from college St. Joost will travel to Cape Verde in the beginning of the year. In March twenty journalism students from college Windesheim will go on a reporting trip to Indonesia and also eight students from the Vrije Universiteit (VU) travel to South Africa. On top of this six talents will be selected to report on the upcoming elections in southern Africa (South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibië) in the context of the Talentpool Elections. On the website of Lokaalmondiaal, you will find a planning for the upcoming reporting trips.


BYW Germany

In Germany eight to ten students from Kölner Journalistenschule will journey for a reporting trip to Rwanda and ten students from the TU Dortmund Institut für Journalistik will practice journalism in Tanzania. Deutsche Welle Akademie is also working on the training program on global reporting. Check our website and Facebook page for updates.


BYW Belgium

The Belgium BYW project partner Thomas More, is going to recruit a group of young journalists for a reporting trip to Uganda in the spring. About 10 people will get the opportunity; so apply quickly by going to their website!


BYW Portugal

Right now a group of five BYW participants from Portugal are on a trip to Cape Verde. Beyond Your World Portugal and partner organization Associação Coolpolitics are also preparing a group reporting trip for next year. Stay tuned for more information.


BYW United Kingdom

BYW United Kingdom project partner One World Media is sending a group of eleven young people from Salford University will travel to South Africa in January. In order to organize this trip, they are cooperating with Witts University in Johannesburg. One World Media is also planning to select a lot of young talents in 2014 for individual trips to different destinations in Africa.


BYW Bulgaria

BYW Partner Free Press Unlimited, located in the Netherlands, but coordinating the program in Bulgaria, has selected a group of talented Bulgarian students from Sofia University to go on a reporting trip. The destination of this trip is still a surprise. In March, Free Press Unlimited will organize a BYW-event in which TEDX and the New Bulgaria University will cooperate.