Wanted for reporting trips to Brazil 2014

Wanted: Reporters to cover Brazil 2014

As part of the international journalism-training program Beyond Your World (BYW), a new project will be launched in 2014 under the name “Beyond Brazil – Brasil Além”. This project is a cooperation between Lokaalmondiaal and  the Brazilian media organisation Canal Futura. Throughout the important year of 2014, a total number of 21 young European journalists (from the six BYW project countries) will travel across the Atlantic Ocean to Brazil. While travelling in three groups, the journalists will – while intensively collaborating with young Brazilian journalists – cover events in Brazil before, during and after the World Cup. The group, existing of 7 different nationalities, will follow a one-year online training program and will produce a total amount of 84 media productions (primarily audiovisual media). During the project, all participants will be supervised by Lokaalmondiaal and Canal Futura.

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Beyond Brazil – Brasil Além

Ongoing demonstrations, the upcoming World Cup, preparations for the Olympic Games and approaching elections; 2014 is considered to be a very important year for Brazil. Consequently, many beautiful stories are out there and are waiting to be covered. Beyond Your World would likes to make a big contribution with this special project. We want to take this incredible opportunity to explore and tell stories in and from Brazil, not only by giving young journalists the chance to gain experience overseas, but also enabling them to work together with colleagues from different countries. Three fully mixed groups of European journalists will travel before (March), during (June / July) and after (October) the World Cup. The first week will take place in Rio de Janeiro, the second week in a second location (the group will split) and the third week the group will be back in Rio de Janeiro. The European journalists will cooperate with Brazilian journalism students in Rio, as well as in the second location – and they will be working on their media productions together a a team. It is therefore important that all participants (European and Brazilian journalists) will form one group, committed to the project throughout the year and knowing what stories are told across the project.

Participant profile

We are recruiting a total number of 21 European journalists from the following countries. While the reporting trips take place in different periods throughout the year, we are recruiting and selecting participants all at the same time for strategic and organizational purposes. The focus will be on audiovisual productions, so we encourage video journalists, radio makers and photographers to apply. In any case, you as candidate have to convince us that you have the ambition to be an (international) journalist and the drive to produce media stories about global development issues. On top of that, it is important that you have affinity with and interest in Brazil and its culture, language, politics and current developments. We are looking for the following number of participant from each project country:

  • Netherlands:            6 participants (18 – 25 years)
  • Belgium                   3 participants (18 -30 years)
  • Germany                  3 participants (18 -30 years)
  • Portugal                   3 participants (18 -30 years)
  • United Kingdom      3 participants (18 -30 years)
  • Bulgaria                   3 participants (18 -30 years)

For more information about how to apply, please contact your country office: